WEB EXCLUSIVE: How to Make a Statement, Tell a Story With Art

AUSTIN, TX—Life has a way of coming full circle. For Terry Eaton, president and chief curator of Eaton Fine Art Inc. (EFA), his love of art began as a child and continues to endure today. Over the years, he’s been quite passionate about his entrepreneurial goals, too. He passed on art school and opted to enroll in a business school with an art background instead. Passion is the core essence of the full-service art consulting firm’s business as well.

“I painted and did crafts as a young boy, and still have my business card from when I was 13 years old, which says ‘Freelance Artist.’ I went from selling my artwork at age 13 to guiding a wonderful company that curates art programs for hotels internationally,” said Eaton. “My business partner, Robert Williams, grew up in the hotel

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