Wood Smoke Patio

Date: Febuary 2016

Location: Doral, FL

Category: Architecture, Landscaping, Residential

This patio renovation was based on the client’s Italian culture. They always wanted a unique wood smoked oven for their home where they can cook pizza, and other things like breads and roast meats. Their backyard was underused and they wanted a space where they can have family and friends over to enjoy the amazing Florida weather. The space design generates around the authentic pizza oven in the back corner of the backyard to maximize the space around the pool. The outdoor kitchen is covered with trellis mounted with acyclic that wraps around the house starting at the backyard entrance and ending at the outdoor kitchen. One of the main problem with the clients had before the renovation was the maintenance, so when designing we removed all the plants along the entrance fence and replaced it with turf grass also designing a horizontal fence with turf pattern (better been in images above) to give the backyard a distinctive more modern feel.