Contemporary Model Condo

Date: July, 2016

Location: Doral, FL

Category:  Interior Design, Residencial

The firs­t Staging unit for MidTown Doral was designed to capture the Doral Clients with a contemporary feel. This Unit is on the 8th floor of the building making it a penthouse with 10’ ceiling highs. The contemporary design look was developed in the 20th century with softened edges and smooth surfaces that focused on the basics of line, shape and forms. The Condo has a color theme of different shades of gray with pops of natural tones like brown and creams to bring everything together. You can see these details in the sofa, side tables, lighting and many other elements in the Unit. The oversize amazing acrylic artworks shown in every room of the unit are exclusive art pieces design just for “K Studio’s Architecture + Interior Design”.