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Jorge Kasabdji, founder and owner of K Studio ID is widely known for his exquisite taste and architectural sensibility. He is an expert in transforming spaces from common to spectacular with the use of uncommon textures, colors and splendid forms. K Studio ID is born out of the human necessity of transforming spaces into better living areas. We specialize in commercial, hospitality, and residential design; we offer a different concept to the public. K Studio ID is here to make interior design an option accessible for all.


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[cobalt_skill title=”Illustrator” percent=”92″ id=”skill-0004″]


1 / Information & Analysis


Meet with clients; get an in-depth knowledge of necessities and requirements: prepare an analysis report with preliminary presentation.

2 / Schematic Design


Our team starts giving form to the idea: space planning, perspectives, material and finishes, selection of furniture, fixture and equipment (FF&E).

3 / Conceptual Design


Once the schematic design is presented to our client, final drawings and details are created, the project is reviewed for coordination and scheduling.

4 / Project Management


We work closely with contractors, vendors, and permits issuance to ensure project is finished in a timely manner without major inconveniences.

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